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Dental Lab Flyer

Dental Lab Flyer

Our full-colour Dental Lab Flyer is full of specials and new products, and we can deliver its great deals right to your door every month!

Click here to view our current Dental Lab flyer.

Lab & Denturist Equipment Buyers Guide

Lab & Denturist Equipment Buyers Guide

Click here to view our current Lab & Denturist Equipment Buyers Guide.

CAD/CAM and Digital Materials Reference Guide

CAD/CAM and Digital Materials Reference Guide

Click here to view our current CAD/CAM and Digital Materials Reference Guide.

Dental Lab Catalogue

New! 2015 Dental Lab Catalogue

We are delighted to present our Dental Lab catalogue, which is filled with new and innovative products, as well as the traditional equipment and supplies that you can depend on. This is by far the largest and most comprehensive dental laboratory catalogue in Canada. Inside you will find hundreds of new and innovative lab products for all of your dental laboratory needs - as well as your day to day necessities - all at competitive low prices.

Click here to download the Dental Lab Catalogue. 39MB (PDF)

Zirlux Product Catalog Zirlux Product Catalog

With a heritage of growth through innovative solutions for heath care professionals, Henry Schein is pleased to introduce Zirlux® Prosthetic Components for dental implants – an extensive assortment of titanium abutments, analogs, screws, and more. This comprehensive line features prosthetic connections compatible with most of the industry's leading implant manufacturers, standardizing abutment designs and procedures regardless of system. Uniform component costs across all systems allows for predictable pricing.

Click here to download the Zirlux Product Catalog. 5MB (PDF

L’autoroute numérique

The Digital Highway

Connect to the future with DWOS™. Its open-architecture, digital operating system uses advanced CAD software, allowing the laboratory to design copings, full-contour anatomical overlays, and implant abutments for the dental industry's most-noted, name-brand materials. It is the driving force behind cutting-edge automation in the modern dental laboratory.

Click here to download our current flyer. 2.6MB (PDF)

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