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With their increasing popularity in general dentistry, Henry Schein is pleased to offer you lasers catering to a variety of surgical and diagnostic needs. Complete your treatments faster, more accurately and with better results while your patients experience the benefits of minimized pain, trauma and quicker recovery. We bring you the most extensive and complete line of laser products in the market, and can show you how to get the very most from your investment.

Top 10 Benefits of Waterlase Dentistry for Patients

  1. More comfortable in-chair experience for your patients.
  2. Reduces the anxiety and fear of dentistry
  3. Fewer shots, less anesthesia (allows for immediate, accurate evaluation of occlusion)
  4. Minimal or no bleeding in most cases
  5. Less post-operative swelling with successful healing
  6. Reduced chance for post-operative infection
  7. More precise and selective tissue reduction
  8. More comfortable alternative for children and phobic patients
  9. Minimal pain, inconvenience, discomfort for patients and staff
  10. More procedures per visit (less appointments for the patient!)

How Waterlase Dentistry Benefits your Practice

  1. Improves patient management with fewer shots and less anesthetic
  2. Expands your clinical capabilities
  3. Easily treats subgingival Class I, II and V caries & abfractions
  4. Treats herpetic lesions, aphthous ulcers, fibromas; and perform biopsies
  5. Simplifies osseous crown lengthening
  6. Simplifies cosmetic gingival recontouring
  7. Differentiates your practice from others
  8. Renews your passion for dentistry
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