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Zest Dental - Bulk Ez Composite
Zest Dental - Bulk Ez Composite - Buy 2 and get 1 FREEBuy 2 and get 1 FREE
BioSonic UC300 Cleaner
BioSonic UC300 Cleaner - Save $150!Save $150!
SDI - Pola Tooth Whitening
SDI - Pola Tooth Whitening - Buy 3 + Get 1 FREE!Buy 3 + Get 1 FREE!
Crest + Oral-B Disney Powerbrush
Crest + Oral-B - Disney Powerbrush - Buy 10 dozen + Get 2 dozen FREE!Buy 10 dozen + Get 2 dozen FREE!
Medicom - SafeBasics Sponge
Medicom - SafeBasics Sponge - Save $20 or $30!Save $20 or $30!
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Advancing your clinic? Are you going digital?
We have a great cash flow tool for you…

Promotion on Panoramic & Digital Intra Oral Systems
The program allows doctors who have been licensed for more than 5 years to defer their 5 year term lease for 12 months. Payments would start in month 13 and end after the 66th month. Doctors with less than 5 years experience simply pay $75.00/month for the first 12 months then regular payments start in month 13…
Ask about the Kavo Key III Laser and HealOzone

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