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3M - Dental Cements
3M - Dental Cements - 3 + 1!3 + 1!
Septodont - Cook-Waite Anesthetics
Septodont - Cook-Waite Anesthetics - Buy 10 get one of the same FREE!Buy 10 get one of the same FREE!
Henry Schein - Maxitest
Henry Schein - Maxitest - As low as $1.99/Indicator!As low as $1.99/Indicator!
Dentsply Sirona - TPH Spectra ST and SDR flow +
Dentsply Sirona - TPH Spectra ST and SDR flow +  - 4 + 1 (Mix & Match within brand only)!4 + 1 (Mix & Match within brand only)!
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Dental Space Design

Let Henry Schein Dental turn your dream office into a reality

Through the optimal use of space, equipment, and design elements, the Henry Schein Dental Design Group will transform your practice into a well-organized business and an efficient public space that offers the ultimate in patient care.

Why Choose Henry Schein as Your Partner in Office Design?

Our design team consists of credentialed design experts that specialize in coordinating dental ergonomics and design elements to give your practice all the advantages:

  • Improved patient care
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased comfort for staff and patients

Working in tandem with our national team of Equipment Specialist, our designers create architectural space plans for dental office remodeling, expansion, and new construction.

We will coordinate the entire planning process with architects, contractors and dental manufacturers.

Our design experts offer state of the art 3-dimensional office renderings helping to ensure your new dental practice will be perfect! See for yourself.