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Welcome to Henry Schein ConnectHealth

Connect Health

The world of health care is changing rapidly.

As a global leader focused on the office-based practitoner Henry Schein is experienced in working with customers to meet their needs. As trusted advisors we offer support and guidance required to achieve successful technology integration with the goal helping practices operate more efficiently and enhancing patient outcomes.

It all starts with how your practice is connected.

Not all Electronic Health Records (EHR) are created equal. Not all equipment is digitally compatible. It can be challenging. Effective electronic practice management can only be achieved when all of your patient/practice touch points communicate.

Henry Schein ConnectHealth™ is the solution.

ConnectHealth™ is a partnership between world-class leaders of digital solutions, connectivity, and equipment to help doctors meet the demands of creating a seamless, digital office. Our specialists facilitate this complex process and assist with implementing EHR, choosing the right equipment, and hardware, coordinating installation, meeting government standards of meaningful use, and financing.

Henry Schein
Contact us for more information:
Phone: 1-888-533-3032