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Intraoral Cameras

Enhance diagnostic power and patient education while increasing revenues with Henry Schein’s wide selection of intraoral cameras. With consistent illumination, filtering systems as well as their range of magnification, you and your patients will be amazed by the images these cameras can produce. Portability also means cost-effectiveness as you can easily move your cameras from room to room via docking stations. Our cameras even take advantage of the latest in USB connectivity allowing you to integrate them with a computer and computer network.

Benefits to the practice

  • Educational tool of new and existing clients.
  • Promotes continued growth.
  • Internal marketing.
  • Promotes referral rates.
  • Aids in schedule enhancement.

Benefits to the Patient

  • Patient sees what clinician sees.
  • Instills sense of value (before/after images).
  • Increases dentist credibility and encourages open discussion with new patients.

Benefits to the Dentist

  • Increased patient compliance to complex treatment plans.
  • Simplifies and promotes proper time management in case presentations.
  • Shows the desire to address patient concerns, needs, and wants.
  • Promotes quality of workmanship.
  • Ability to email for response from conferring Specialists / Hygienist.
  • Promotes hygiene retention in active soft tissue management program.
  • Addressing previous restoration concerns.
  • Enhance dentist’s schedule through proper marketing and follow through.
  • Increases desire for cosmetic procedures.
  • Address past and present periodontal concerns.

And finally, look to Henry Schein for Image and Practice Mangement softwares such as CaptureLink and Dentrix for a complete digital solution like no other dental dealer.

  Intraoral Cameras